Be a Qualified Professional in 3D Modeling

Modelers are the design professionals that use 3D modeling software to produce 3D models. AutoCAD 3D is design and documentation solution that supports Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. Using AutoCAD 3D, infrastructure professionals can better understand project performance, maintain more consistent data and processes and respond faster to change.

AutoCAD 3D - Course Content

  • 3D Modeling concepts in AutoCAD
  • 3D Co-ordinate Systems
  • Understanding and usage of viewpoint and UCS
  • Wireframe Modeling & Editing
  • Solid Modeling & Editing
  • Mesh Modeling & Editing
  • Surface Modeling & Editing
  • Create & Manage 2D Views from 3D Models
  • Materials, Lights & Rendering
  • Working with Images
  • Import & Export

Relevant Industries

  • Engineering Consulting
  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas

AutoCAD 3D - -

Course Content
Introduction File Management Orthographic Drawings View Management
Display Management Layer Management Selection Methods Parametric Drawings
Symbol Creation Using Block BOM/Joinery Details Creation Isometric Drawings Perspective Drawings
Annotations and Dimensions Layout Management Publish and Plot