Be a Qualified Professional in Industrial Project Management

Microsoft Project is a project management software program, developed and sold by Microsoft, which is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget and analyzing workloads Projects are in many industrial organizations a dominating work form, by which they deliver complex customer orders, organize research and development, organize entrepreneurship and innovation, and implement strategic changes. Projects are intended to be handled by means of rational planning, but are also subject to insecurity, prestige, wishful thinking and conflicts.

Prospective Job Profiles

  • Project Manager
  • Project Consultant
  • Project Planner
  • Project Coordinator
  • Senior Estimator
  • Senior product Engineer
  • Program Manager
  • Project Control Engineer
  • Operational Administrator

Relevant Industries

  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • IT Industries
  • Software Companies
  • Mobile and Telecommunication
  • Government Companies

Microsoft Project -

Course Content
Activity – definition, sequencing and estimation How to define resource pool and to allocate resources
Calendar Filters and grouping
How to develop a schedule plan and control How material resources are being allocated
Network analysis – CPM, PERT, PDM Analyzing resources by leveling the resource using crashing, stretching & slitting
How to prepare work breakdown structure (WBS) Earned value analysis
How to update wbs constraints Method of developing different types of reports according to industrial needs
How to manage cost in a project Scheduling in multiple projects
How to do resource planning Customization
How to prepare resource sheet  
How to apply resource to each activity